"sodaplay project";
"Moovl kiosk"2005
"Sodarace kiosk" 2007
"Newtoon" 2007
sodaplay project
photo: KIOKU Keizo

The "Soda Project" is a computer software platform based on the algorithms and concepts of "SodaConstructor", developed by Soda R&D director Ed BURTON, which employs simulations of physical laws such as gravity, to allow us to produce creative figures that behave in a "real world" manner. Many other software products have been developed in this "simulation tool" platform, because it allows us to explore unique and playful shared environments which adhere to the natural harmony and beauty of the universal laws that actually govern the physical world - and in doing so attempt to stimulate a set of shared sensibilities, and therein generate new senses of "reality" among its users.

"Sodarace Kiosk" is a work wherein you select life-like models with features such as realistic springing simulations based on laws of mass, in contests of speed, with other models across interesting race courses. You can customize your model through tweaking various parameters. You can also choose to automatically "evolve" your model using its genetic algorithms. "Moovl" is a work for "painting" on a canvas in gravity, using painting tools that allow you to add weight, movement and sound. With "Newtoon," you can create games by designing the characteristics of balls and springs based on physical laws, and play them on computers and mobile phones.

Soda Profile

Soda was formed in 1996 to create interactive works and new educational methods. In their early days, they produced a wide range of works, from user interfaces for financial institutions to installation art works. Currently most of their activity is in software development for the online community. They have also contributed to the popularization of educational programs for physical science using the "Sodaplay" platform. On their website, Sodaplay.com, they have made several simulation tools available, and encourage users to experiment and create with their work.
Artist's website: http://sodaplay.com/

Past Exhibition / Event
Keyword: Simulation

The advent of computers has enabled high speed volume calculation, impossible for humans, and has facilitated much research, including reality simulations, increasingly accurate predictions concerning unresolved phenomena, artificial intelligence and genetic algorythm-based artificial life. This kind of simulation technology can find applications in many fields, as well as facilitating experimental works and projects not limited to realistic reproductions or copies of known phenomena, but rather enable the human imagination to pursue the further reaches of the realistically feasible. Related event Artist Talk + Workshop
Date: August 30 (Sat.), 31(Sun.), 2008 [Finished]