"emergencies!" 008
YAGI Lyota [Kai-Ten] Date: April 19 (Sat.)-June 29 (Sun.), 2008 [Finished]
emergencies! 008
photo: KIOKU Keizo

A gramophone record made of ice starts to melt, suggesting that recorded music disappears by being played. A turntable with record revolves, playing a singular tone, while being used as a potter's wheel to make porcelain,reborn as a music device to change tones be itself.

YAGI Lyota creates sound pieces, objects and videos, both in installation and interactive works, using a variety of methods. He employs familiar goods, such as books, records or daily items as his subject, then re-reads and re-edits their functions, to humorously suggest other meanings. The record made of ice starts to melt as soon as it starts to play, and its recorded music is instantly lost. One could call it a very imperfect recording medium. Another piece allows us to listen directly to the engraved sound, as vibration, by putting a pencil point on the spinning record groove instead of the needle.
A record disk as a sound object, to record above-sea sounds and undersea sounds on opposing sides of the record, the disc itself representing the water's surface, as an existence which belongs to both worlds; an extremely thin membrane... this exhibition of YAGI's work with records, as "something with a flip side."

YAGI Lyota Profile

Born in Ehime, 1980. Graduated Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Space Design, in 2003. Currently part-time lecturer at the same university. Adding unique interpretation to the functions of pre-fabricated daily items, YAGI creates work in sound, letters, and time. Resides in Kyoto.

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