HIGA Satoru
photo: KIOKU Keizo

"VP3L" (Visual Programming for 3D Language) is a real-time acoustic programming language within which elements positioned in computer-simulated 3D space will produce various acoustic aspects when navigated. Here, the programming space and the acoustic space are one, and the movement of user within it are reflected by the program in real-time. With "VP3L," using programs of various prepared sound samples, and moving within the programming space through a simple interface, the user has an enormous breadth of freedom to change the aural environment. Initially, "VP3L" was produced by the artist himself to perform with. It later evolved into the installation version that anyone can operate.

In this installation, the use of multiple projectors allows you to experience "VP3L" in an immersive environment. You are positioned in the center (of each x, y and z coordinate axis) of the programming space, the perspective point for all landscape transformations. Please explore the space freely as if floating in a massive universe.

HIGA Satoru Profile

HIGA Satoru is an artist/programmer producing and researching sound performance and software art using original programs. In recent years he has designed original user interfaces in three-dimensional space, and by using them, has also developed the real-time acoustic composing programs "VP3L" and "VP4L." In 2007, "VP3L" was adopted as the Japanese Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA) 's first exploratory software project.
Artist's website: http://www.lalalila.org/

Past Exhibition / Event
Keyword: Software

Since the late 90s, original software production has risen as a tool for creation among artists, designers, and programmers. Home-made software which is then shared and improved upon, each according to a different vision, emerged against the background of DIY and shared culture, paralleling the open-source movement, typified by the Linux OS.