Interactive Chronology 2008 Interactive Chronology 2008
photo: KIOKU Keizo

This Interactive Chronology introduces important media art works and exhibitions since 1991, side be side with information of concurrent social and technological topics. Each step on the staircase connecting the 4th and 5th floors of the ICC responds to a given year, so when you stop on them each footfall triggers audio information about its year. As a point of passage, this installation allows you to both viscerally climb the physically history of media art and society and discover it by chance. This Interactive Chronology is a modification of "Gainer Kaidan" in Open Space 2007. , intergrating the program in Creative Commonsi license: Attribution - ShareAlike (BY-SA) .

Attribution of the original author according to the license
IAMAS PDP (Programmable Device Project)
"Gainer Kaidan" Production Members
HIRUTA Sunao + HARADA Katsuhiko + KANEBAKO Junichi + SATAKE Hiroyuki + KASHIWAGI Emiko + AKAMATSU Masayuki + KOBAYASHI Shigeru