"Ambiguous Green"
Ambiguous Green
photo: KIOKU Keizo

"Ambiguous Green" consists of two rooms; the long-term project "Imaginary Numbers" in the first room, and output generated in real-time (on view here for the first time) in the back room. "Imaginary Numbers" exhibit figures, object panels, descriptions, still and moving images, all created by referencing a mathematical formula for nonlinear dynamics. On the floor are still images of microscopic pixels. In one corner there is an acrylic object, and on two monitors play moving images. These beautiful and delicate images, evocative of natural phenomenon such as spirals and whorls, are created using simple mathematical formulae. In a back room you can see the process of creation in real time, and observe it slowly changing as though a living form.

A coupled oscillator is produced by combining several oscillation mathematical model mathematical formulae, which then gain a complexity which is unpredictable from any of its components. The role of the artist here is to create a model of state of variations within the mathematical formulae, and to find eloquent variety hidden in nature within its various figures and rhythms.

Images of changes within this articulation process will be archived on the website: http://www.ntticc.or.jp/coupled_oscillator

Cooperation: Aihara Complexity Modelling Project, Nihon Universal Electric Co., Ltd.
KIMOTO Keiko Profile

KIMOTO Keiko, graduate of the Textile Design Department of Tama Art University, is self-taught in computers, and started designing using mathematical means from 1988. Since 1997 she has been developing her research into the production of dynamic, generative expression. First exhibited her "Imaginary Numbers" series in 2003. Participant in the Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST) Aihara Complexity Modelling Project, and Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology projects since 2004. KIMOTO was awarded the Grand Prize in the Art Division of the 2006 10th Japan Media Arts Festival.
Artist's website: http://kimoto-k.com

Past Exhibition / Event
Keyword: Generative

Generative art refers to work which is created when the computation of algorithms creates unpredictable and complicated figures. This method has been applied in art, especially since the late 80s, as increases in computational power enabled researchers new means to study complexity science, artificial life and artificial intelligence, through being able to simulate physical phenomena such as cellular automaton and genetic algorithms.

Experiments of running Coupled Oscillators or Reaction-Diffusion system The experiments is developed until February 28, 2009. [Finished]
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Related Event Artist's Talk
Date: April 29 (Tue.), 2008 [Finished]
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