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InterCommunication’91 “The Museum Inside The Telephone Network”

March 15–29, 1991

InterCommunication’91 “The Museum Inside The Telephone Network”


In this experimental event, the most familiar tool of communication—the telephone network—served as an analogy for the museum. The works and messages of nearly 100 artists, writers, and cultural figures were accessed via telephone, facsimile, and computer. Five genres were available for access: dialogues, recitations, music, novels, and comics. Each genre was equipped with a specially prepared speed-dial button that need only be pushed to gain access. It was an event that provided a preview of the ever-widening world of cyberspace.

Planning: ASADA Akira, HIKOSAKA Yutaka, ITO Toshiharu
Date: March 15–29, 1991
Location: Inside the telephone network in Tokyo and Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gumma and Yamanashi prefectures

Works of sound could be heard by telephone, such as talks and readings on the theme of communication by artists and writers from Japan and abroad.

By operating push buttons on a telephone, the participant was able to make a game of creating musical tunes.

Works of art, serial novels, serial comics, and essays by artists, novelists, and comics artists from Japan and abroad could be received by fax at home.

Telephone dialogues between prominent intellecturals and live performances by artists from Japan and abroad could be heard by telephone.

Works of CG art could be accessed by modem and downloaded to one’s personal computer screen for viewing.


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