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ITO Toshiharu

ITO Toshiharu


Born in 1953, ITOH earned his B.A. and M.A. in Art History from the University of Tokyo. His contributions as a critic go beyond his specialties, art history and the history of photography, to bring a perspective combining art, science, and technology to bear on a wide range of fields. ITOH also plans and curates exhibitions such as the Moving Sacred Place - Telepresence World exhibition held at the ICC in 1998 and is on the faculty of Tama Art University.



Exhibitions & Events

Symposium: The Technoculture Matrix 2003: Towards a Situs for Shared Creative Work

Frontiers of Communication

Talk Session

“A Vision of Education and Creation for the New Century”

Digital Bauhaus: A Vision of Education and Creation for the New Century

Talk Session06

Talk Session05

Talk Session04


Talk Session02

Talk Session01

Portable Sacred Grounds - Telepresence World -

Data Base and Network / Topos, Memory, Information

Opening Events - Symposium -Towards the Museum of the Future-

Event 05

New School’95

Program Five: Festival Report 2 - “SIGGRAPH,” “ISEA”

New School’94 “Collaboration through Technology”

Program Twelve: Media (The Imaginative Power of Electronics / Art Computer Networks)

New School’93 ICC Matrix

Program One: Prologue

The InterCommunication Celebration Symposium “Media and Communication in the Computer Age”

InterCommunication’91 “The Museum Inside The Telephone Network”


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