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Exhibitions & Events

Opening Talk ASADA Akira

Artists’ Talk MURAYAMA Goro

Wrap-up Meeting vol.10

ICC 15th Anniversary / Exhibition “The Mirage City” 15th Anniversary Symposium
Is a ‘City’ Architecture?

dumb type “S/N” Talk Event

Opening Talk

Session 1: “Culture and Creation in a Networked Society - Towards Open Communication”

Renewal Opening Symposium “Culture and Creation in a Networked Society”

“Post [Histoire(s) du Cinema]: Towards the 21st Century”

Frontiers of Communication

Artists’ Talk “dumb type + ASADA Akira”

In Our Time, In This Moment

Any Symposium


Video Installation “THE CAVE”

Where are Media and Art Heading?

Another Utopia

Opening Events - Symposium -Towards the Museum of the Future-

NTT InterCommunication’96 ICC International Symposium “The Multimedia and Cultural Evolution - Interaction between Science and Art - ”

The World of William FORSYTHE

Program Nine: Time

Program One: Prologue

New School’93 ICC Matrix

The InterCommunication Celebration Symposium “Media and Communication in the Computer Age”

LIVE Channel

InterCommunication’91 “The Museum Inside The Telephone Network”