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1947 Born in Chicago, Illinois, began violin lesson at age 7 Became a member of the Chicago Youth Orchestra in 1961
1969 Graduated Barnard College with honors in art history
1970 Had first solo exhibition at Barnard College, majored in sculpture at Columbia University
1972 Graduated Columbia University

In the early 70’s she made sculpture, influenced by minimal art and conceptual art and wrote art reviews for various art magazine like Art Forum. In 1972 she did performance “Car Horn Concert” that car horn was first used in musical performance. In the late 70’s she made film and did various performance using film and sensor, altered violin.

In 1980 She wrote a song “O Superman” that was released in an edition of 1,000 on 110 Records in New York. The song, broadcasted by British DJ, John PEEL, became a hit on the London pop chart next year. She became a world renowned artist also in the field of popular music. In the middle and late 80's she did several large scale performances like “Mister Heartbreak” and “Empty Places.” She also worked collaboratively with many musicians, filmmakers and choreographers among them Peter GABRIEL, Brian ENO, and Wim WENDERS. She made a concert film “Home of the Brave.”

In the early 90’s much of her work began to have a more politic edge and she did several pieces, “Stories from the Nerve Bible” and “The Speed of Darkness,” that looked at violence, conflict and censorship. In 1999 a large scale opera “Songs and Stories from Moby Dick” based on Herman MELVILLE’s novel etc.

Since 2000 her work in this century has been mainly music. She released “Life on a String,” toured the United States and Europe. In 2002 She released a double concert CD “Live in New York” which contains a concert held in New York just after September 11, 2001 and premiered a new solo performance “Happiness.” In 2004 she did performance “The End of the Moon,” invited to a two year artist-in-residence program at NASA. In 2005 She also showed instalation “WALK” in a Japanese garden, film work “Hidden Inside Mountains,” performance “10 postcards” as part of Expo 2005 Aichi.


2002 “Laurie Anderson Live in New York,” Nonesuch Records
2001 “Life on a String,” Nonesuch Records
2000 “Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology,” Rhino Records
1995 “The Ugly One with the Jewels,” Warner Brothers
1994 “Bright Red,” Warner Brothers
1989 “Strange Angels,” Warner Brothers
1984 “Mister Heartbreak,” Warner Brothers “Home of the Brave,” Warner Brothers “United States Live,” 4-CD box, Warner Brothers
1982 “Big Science,” Warner Brothers
1981 “O Superman,” 110 Records, New York



“Wordfall” [2005]

“Jukebox” [1977/2002]

“Light in August” [1974/2002]

“Slow Scan Animation” [1977/2002]

“Hologram Bow” [1980/2002]

“Cassette in Mouth” [1978/2002]

“New York Times Horizontal / China Times Vertical (I & II)” [1971/2001]

“Talking Stick” [1998]

“Moby Dick Digital Drawings” [1998]

“Talking Stick video” [1998]

“At the Shrink’s” [1975/1997]

“Hearring” [1997]

“The Parrot (Your Fortune One $)” [1996]

“Connections” [1996]

“Whirlwind” [1996]

“Singing Skirt” [1996]

“Animatronic Narration” [1996]

“Puppet Motel” [1995]

“Video Double Photograph from “Nerve Bible”” [1995]

“Video Bow Photograph” [1995]

Costume sketches from “Songs and Stories from Moby Dick” [1995]

“Tilt” [1994]

“Video Bow” [1993]

“Video Bow Drawing” [1993]

“Bodysynth” [1993]

“Dummy” [1992]

Tornado set drawing for “Stories from the Nerve Bible” [1992]


“Floating Theater” diagrams [1988]

“The Voice of Authority” [1986]

“Unprocessed Clone” [1986]

“Heartbeat” [1986]

“Language Is a Virus” [1986]

“The Clone (“What You Mean We?” excerpt)” [1986]

“Drum Dance” [1985]

“Talking Pillow” [1977/1985]

“Drum Suit” Drawing [1985]

“Sharkey’s Day” [1984]

“Digital Violin” [1984]

“Diving Board 1 & 2” [1983]

“Neon Violin” [1983]

“Tech Diagram for “United States 1-4”” [1983]

“Headlight Glasses from “United States”” [1983]

“The Red Carpet” [1983]

“Neon Bow (“United States 1-4” at BAM)” [1983]

“The Color Red” [1983]

“Plughead” [1983]

“O Superman” [1981]

“Dark Dogs / American Dreams” [1980]

“Born, Never Asked (1 & 2)” [1980]

“Neon Bow” [1980]

“Headknock” [1980]

“Three Types of Glasses” [1980]

“Words in Reverse” [1979]

“White on White” [1979]

“Numbers Runners” [1978]

Drawing for “Handphone Table” [1978]

“Transportation” at Carnegie Hall [1978]

“Quadraphonic Acoustic Shadows” [1978]

“Cassette in Mouth” diagram [1978]

“Phase-Shape (from “Like a Stream”)” [1978]

“Handphone Table” [1978]

“Note / Tone” [1978]

“Stereo Song for Steven Weed” [1977]

“Two Track Song for Sliding Door / Doormat Love Song” [1977]

“Stereo Decoy” [1977]

“‘From Pictures of It’ — Drawing for Fake Hologram” [1977]

“Songs for Lines / Songs for Waves” [1977]

“Video Double Rock” [1977]

Set from “Dublin” [1977]

“Tape Bow Violin” [1977]

“The Electric Chair” [1977]

“Quartet for Sol LeWitt” [1977]

“Tape Bow Trio” [1977]

“Viophonograph” [1977]

“Acoustic Lens” [1977]

“Slow Scan (performing “A Man A Woman A House A Tree”)” [1977]

“Viophonograph” from “For Instants” [1977]

“Duet for Door Jamb” [1976]

“Singing Purse” [1975]

“Duets on Ice” [1975]

“Projection Dress” (from “Songs and Stories for the Insomniac”) [1975]

“Talking Candle” from “For Instants” [1975]

“Absent in the Present (Looking into a Mirror Sideways)” [1975]

“Handbook” [1974]

“As: If” set drawings [1974]

“In the Nick of Time” set drawings [1974]

“Windbook” [1974]

“Self-Playing Violin” [1974]

“Institutional Dream Series” [1972-1973]

“Car Horn Concert” [1972]

“Mudra” [1972]

“Chord for a Room” [1972]

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