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Educational Activities

Facilitating a public dialogue on our evolving media environment

The ICC provides a wide array of educational activities.

During exhibition periods, we hold talks and workshops by exhibiting artists, as well as regularly scheduled guided tours by the curatorial staff. Each summer during the school break we hold programs for children. We cooperate with corporations and educational institutions, inviting artists and researchers to particpate in Research & Development, and seminar programs. We also provide access to our video archives under Creative Commons License, which grants users the right to freely share these otherwise copyrighted resources.

Each is developed to facilitate dialogue on, and a greater familiarity with, the myriad scientific, technological, and artistic potentials of today's rapidly changing communications media environment.

Kids Programs & Workshops

The ICC Kids Program is an annual summer exhibition series featuring participatory workshops. We aim to stimulate children's curiosity, imagination, and creativity by creating opportunities for them to engage state-of-the-art technology and media art works.

Upper : ARART Workshop (2013)
Lower Left : Open Salon Workshop Open Reel Ensemble
Lower Right : URAKAWA Toru 'Binary Card Game Workshop'


The ICC organises on-going programs of projects and seminars with key media artists and researchers. The resulting documentation is publicly archived on the ICC website, andthis in turn informs the development of further exhibition subjects.

Upper : Artists' Talk exonemo + Discussion
Lower : Symposium "Exploration in Possible Spaces"

Research & Development Exhibits

The ICC holds Research and Development Exhibits in conjunction with external organisations public and private, in an attempt to introduce examples of upcoming scientific and artistic expression such as bio art and satellite technology in art, science, and design, and explore new frontiers of the communications media field.

Upper : 'ARTSAT: Introduction' 2012 Tama Art University × The University of Tokyo ARTSAT Project 2nd Phase | Physical Satellite / photo: KIOKU Keizo
Lower Left : Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory, Keio University "Transmart miniascape" / Photo: KIOKU Keizo
Lower Right : 'BioAesthetics Open Lab.' 2013 metaPhorest (Waseda University BioAesthetics Platform) Installation shot: #01 / photo: KIOKU Keizo


HIVE is the ICC's video archive project, featuring exhaustive digital documentation of exhibitions, symposiums, live events, and interviews with key figures. The resulting communications media and information art educational resource can be used for students, researchers, and educational institutions. Produced under the Creative Commons license, these materials are provided and with minimal restrictions on non-profit creative usage.

ICC 5F HIVE corner