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Exhibitions & Events

Research Complex NTT R&D @ICC
‘Social Wellbeing with Haptics’

Vol.1 “Cards for Collective Wellbeing” users gathering

Workshop “Cards for Collective Wellbeing”

Research Complex NTT R&D @ICC
‘Social Wellbeing with Haptics’

Workshop “Find Your Wellbeing” by ICC staff

​ICC Kids Program 2021: Tune up and Chime in

Vol. 2 KAGESAWA Junichi “Sports in the non-contact era”

On the possibility of communication in the non-contact era

Sports Social View Workshop

HAYASHI Akiko, WATANABE Junji Artists’ Day

ICC Kids Program 2019: Sports Laboratory

Artists’ Talk OKA Tomomi, WATANABE Junji

[Temporary Closed] ‘Social Haptics Lab’

JOA Study Forum

Sensual Infrastructures Workshop

Sensual Infrastructures Symposium II

Sensual Infrastructures Symposium I

Sensual Infrastructures for a Society of Sympathy and Diversity

Open Space 2018: in transition

Vol.10 Workshop

Vol.9 Lecture

Art & Technology for New Society

Research Complex NTT R&D @ICC: Special Interest Group on Information-Umwelt

In Search of New Visions for the Technological Environment to Come

Over the Last 20 Years / Over the Coming 20 Years and Beyond

Open Space 2013