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“+The Third Person Phone” [2018]

NTT Service Evolution Laboratories + Dentsu Lab Tokyo

“+The Third Person Phone”


NTT Laboratories have been engaged in the development of the “Kirari!” ultra-realistic immersive telepresence technology, aiming to reproduce and transmit “entirely” the sceneries of sports or live music venues in real-time to remote places via networks. The display at this exhibition focuses on the application of the Kirari! technology for a new type of remote communication, which incorporates another technology called “real-time image segmentation for any background.” Here visitors can experience a novel form of communication in which their images are projected onto a display, so that participants can view each other from a third-person perspective during their conversation.

Planning team

Direction: WATANABE Junji (NTT Communication Science Laboratories)
Planner: CHIGIRA Hiroshi, KAKINUMA Hirokazu, MIYASHITA Hiromu (NTT Service Evolution Laboratories) / MURAKAMI Tomoki (NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories) / YAMASHITA Ryo, URAKAWA Toru (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
Producer: TAKANO Kimihiro, SUGAI Tomoka (Dentsu Lab Tokyo) / MATSUI Tatsuya (NTT Service Evolution Laboratories)
Supervisor: KINOSHITA Shingo (NTT Service Evolution Laboratories) / SUGANO Kaoru (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)

Creative team

Technical direction, engineering: YAMASHITA Ryo (Dentsu Lab Tokyo)
“Real-time image segmentation for any background” technology: KAKINUMA Hirokazu, MIYASHITA Hiromu (NTT Service Evolution Laboratories)
Special thanks: FUKUDA Yoshimi (NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories) / YAMADA Shinsaku (NAKED Inc.)



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