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ICC Annual 2024: Faraway, so close

June 22–November 10, 2024


Franco “Bifo” BERALDI, an Italian philosopher, says that even after the WHO’s declaration in May 2023 of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus still exists, and that it has changed our collective unconscious. *

The big changes in our lives today compared to before the pandemic can be seen in the generalization of remote work and online meetings based on network environments, for example. The idea of social distancing is one factor that caused and spurred the change to the so-called “new way of life.”

Communication technologies in the past, as represented by the word telepresence, were conceived and recognized as making things that are far away feel closer. However, we’re now going through a period of social distancing where we have to think about the “right” distance between us if we’re physically close. For us, while these technologies close the distance, they also represent, in a way, inaccessibility.

Marshall McLUHAN introduced the concept of the Global Village in 1962. It meant that the gap in information transmission would disappear and the world would be like one village, as time and spatial distance would be eliminated by communication technologies. This has become a reality in the Internet age, and today, with the development of high-speed, high-capacity communication environments and reality augmentation technologies, our beliefs regarding how reality should be or the way we view reality is changing. While we have the benefit of receiving information at any time, it has also caused the world to be built on the information provided. This exhibition intends to make us think about the “remoteness” and “closeness” (and their changes) of various realities in the information environment of this era as well as the elements that will constitute the collective unconscious in the future, through works with different approaches, such as those that reflect the changes in our daily lives or those that try to capture how our daily lives change.

* Franco “Bifo” BERALDI, “The Third Unconscious: The Psycho Sphere in the Viral Age” Verso, 2021

Date: June 22–November 10, 2024
Venue: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] Gallery B, Theater
Hours: 11:00am–6:00pm (Admission until 30 minutes before closing)
Closed: Mondays (If Monday is a holiday, then Tuesday), Maintenance day (August 4)
Admission fee: Adults 500 (400) Yen, University Students 400 (300) Yen
ICC Annual Passport: 1,500 Yen

Online reservation is available from 7days before the visit day.
The day tickets are available at ICC reception.

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* Rates shown in parentheses are for groups of more than 14 persons.
* Admission free: Disabled persons (proof-required) and their attendants / Persons 65 years and older / High school students and younger.
* Reservation is recommended.

Curators: HATANAKA Minoru, YUBISUI Yasuko
Curatorial Team: HATANAKA Minoru, YUBISUI Yasuko, KASHIMADA Tomoya, AKASAKA Emiko, MIYAWAKI Aira

Organizer: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation)




Works in the Admission Free Area

Research Complex NTT R&D @ICC

ICC Video Archive ‘HIVE’


emergencies! 047 LI Muyun

Date: September 10–November 10, 2024


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