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AOYAGI Natsumi

AOYAGI Natsumi


Born 1990 in Tokyo. Based on her observations of the growth processes of things ranging from insects to friends and relatives, plants and entire landscapes, she explores in her works the possibilities of artistic expression without being tied to specific (recording) media. Repeatedly conducting research and fieldwork, her work revolves around means of letting viewers experience things exactly how they appear to herself as a creator, and their understanding that this is in fact impossible. AOYAGI completed her studies at the Tokyo University of the Arts’ Graduate School of Film and New Media, Department of New Media, in 2014. Recent activities include the exhibitions “Fuji Diary” (NADiff Gallery, 2016), “Incubation Diary 2011, 2014-2016” (ICC, 2016), The Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2018 (Tokyo Photographic Art Museum), and “Calendar Story for House Friend” (Mitaka SCOOL, 2018). Publications include Incubation Diary May, 2011 (thoasa publishing, 2016), and the novel “Time of the Black Bank” (self-published, 2017). AOYAGI heads the practitioners collective honkbooks, and operates also under the artist name “Datsuo.”



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