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Exhibitions & Events

Artists’ Talk TAKAHASHI Ryohei

Artists’ Talk SATO Ryotaro, UCHIDA Seira

Artists’ Talk SHIBATA Mao

Opening Talk

Viewpoints of Reality in the Multi-layered World

​ICC Kids Program 2022: Tools for Play

ICC Annual 2022: Life / Likeness

Artists’ Talk USHIO Kei, USUI Tatsuya

Artists’ Talk UNNO Rintaro

Artists’ Talk AIKAWA Masaru

Artists’ Talk SZEMÁN Petra

Opening Talk

Random Walk on the Multi-layered World

Open Space 2021: New Flatland

​ICC Kids Program 2021: Tune up and Chime in

Continuity and Uncertainty in the Real/Virtual World

Series: Envisioning a Virtual Museum

The Museum in the Multi-layered World

HIVE 101: Introduction to ICC’s Video Archive

Artists’ Talk TAMAKI Akiko (emergencies! 038)

Screening Program

Symposium III

Symposium II

Symposium I

In a Gamescape: Landscape, Reality, Storytelling and Identity in Video Games

Gallery Talk SHIBATA Maho (emergencies! 034)

Artists’ Talk TANIGUCHI Akihiko

Open Space 2016: Media Conscious

TANIGUCHI Akihiko Artists’ Talk

ICC Kids Program 2015
Mechanisms Unraveled: How Ideas Are Cast Into Shape

Open Space 2014

Artists’ Talk & Performance ucnv

Artists’ Talk dividual

Discussion: What was “The Second Summmer of Web” ? -- [Internet Art Those days]

Discussion: “Study of ‘Post Internet’ (β)”

Discussion: “Internet Reality in Oekaki Keijiban”

Artists’ Talk exonemo + Discussion

Discussion: “Post Internet”

Artists’ Talk KAWASHIMA Takashi, TANIGUCHI Akihiko

[Internet Art Future]—Reality in Post Internet Era

Discussion at the preview of the exhibition “[Internet Art Future]—Reality in Post Internet Era

Open Salon TANIGUCHI AKIHIKO “dangling media” Talk & Special live of “emergencies! 004” artist

emergencies! 004
TANIGUCHI Akihiko “dangling media”

Open Space 2007

Live Event “Lib - LIVE! 003”