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“music(of)score” [2006–]




“music(of)score” is a standard string quartet of first violin, second violin, viola, and cello.

The principle of musical notation is subject to restrictions, as the paper scores are being printed onto is very limited as a medium. Performances are interrupted each time a page has to be turned over, and the positions of rests determine the layouts of a score’s pages quasi automatically. In addition, the sound of turning over pages adds little noises that cannot be ignored. In other words, each turning over of a page can be considered as an execution of a rest as part of the performance.

This quartet’s melodies are created from the paper’s creases, and performed to go along with the sounds of turning over pages. In this work, music is being performed as reverberations of both instruments and score sheets that exceed the contraposition of “figures and backgrounds.” This is a mixed quartet of strings and paper.




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