"Urbanized Typeface: Shibuya 08-09"
YAMAGUCHI Takahiro Date: May 16 (Sat.)-November 15 (Sun.), 2009 [Finished]
Urbanized Typeface: Shibuya 08-09 photo: KIOKU Keizo
Input the alphabet on the keyboard and a unique font designed by the artist appears on the screen. Its letters are formed by the tracks of location data captured by a GPS device as YAMAGUCHI moved around Shibuya-ku. In fact, this font was designed to capture how streets structure the city, the shape of the city itself. Many fonts for computer use have been named after cities. What inspired this project was curiosity about what the relationship between those font designs and cities is, what lies behind the name. The video documents the artist's actual travel throughout Shibuya that he used to create the Shibuya font. YAMAGUCHI Takahiro Profile YAMAGUCHI Takahiro takes calligraphy, graffti, typography, and sound as his creative themes. In his work, the act of writing is magnified to become a total body performance. His "Sound Calligraphy" was selected for the 2006 Aichi Arts Center Sound Performance Dojo. Cooperation: Art and Media Course, Department of Information Design, Tama Art University