PreparedRadios photo: KIOKU Keizo
Four radios that differ in size and shape emit constantly interrupted sounds. They could be human voices, but we can't hear what they are saying. By filtering the usual audio signals from the radios, this work manipulates them to block or interrupt their output. It extracts only the sub-linguistic elements of human speech through which feelings not captured by words are conveyed and asks what we can hear. These radios might be said to be devices that reduce the human speaking voice to pure acoustics. KUWAKUBO Ryota Profile KUWAKUBO Ryota has mainly used electronics since 1998 to create numerous works that focus on phenomena that appear at the boundaries where analog meets digital, human meets machine, and sender meets receiver. In addition to his own works, KUWAKUBO has also participated in collaborative efforts such as "Bitman," created jointly with Maywa Denki, and "Block Jam," a project for Sony Computer Science Laboratories. Past Exhibition / Event