"A Piece for Metronome and Anechoic Room"
MAEBAYASHI Akitsugu Date: September 19 (Sat.), 2009-February 28 (Sun.), 2010 [Finished]
A Piece for Metronome and Anechoic Room photo: KIOKU Keizo
The visitor sits in a chair placed in the room, facing a clicking metronome. The clicks overlap and sometimes override other sounds recorded in different locations, while the lights change in time. Sounds overriding the live sounds from the metronome in front of the audience have been recorded in various spaces with the metronome located in a similar position to the audience listening to the sounds-that is likely to transform the space surrounding the metronome.

The Anechoic Room-in which this artwork is placed-is insulated with echo-absorbing materials. Usually, we unconsciously judge the size of a room from the echoes we hear of various sounds. In an anechoic room with no echo, the metronome clicks feel unreal or unnatural. In the same space, stereophonic speakers play back binaural recordings of the metronome clicking in various natural spaces, with the accompanying echoes intact. This allows us to compare two different spaces-a surreal, anechoic room and a pseudo-realistic yet artificially created space produced using 3D acoustic technology-and to think about how we perceive the "reality" of a space.
MAEBAYASHI Akitsugu Profile Long focusing on the auditory sense as an interface between the body and the external environment, MAEBAYASHI Akitsugu has created installations that provide opportunities for immersive experiences. His major works include 鄭UDIBLE DISTANCE,which was awarded the runner-up prize at the ICC Biennale '97, and the 1999 piece, 鉄onic Interface,which examines the effects that changes in our auditory sensing can have on our overall perception. More recently, he has made sound installations using 3D acoustic technology and collaborated with dancers using image recognition technologies. Born in 1965, MAEBAYASHI is currently associate professor at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences (IAMAS). Past Exhibition / Event