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SATO Tetsuji + SAKAMOTO Yoichi "blank"
2006/09 Date: May 16 (Sat.)-August 9 (Sun.), 2009 [Finished]
blank photo: KIOKU Keizo
A video is projected on two linear, horizontal screens, set up one above the other. In the movements of multiple segments on those screens, patterns appear that seem to give the suggestion of a person walking. The scene is one that we have subjectively read from the motion of those line segments; there is no reality here. Precisely because the motion of the lines is so simple, we sense the presence of someone, someone who really could not be there.

It is known that, when provided with too little information, the human brain has the capacity to fill in the gaps to create an image. This work is intended, then, to cause those who see it to construct their own images. What the mind uses as its clues in extrapolating to generate an image here is not the video but the structure of the work as a whole. The artists worked out the content of the video, the width and number of the screens on which it is projected, and their height, to achieve the right balance, which at the end of the day depends on the space in which the work is shown. Through this process, the minimal number of elements required to convey a human presence was extracted. In their stance of treating content as inseparable from frame, we can discern the subtlety with which the artists perceive the frame-content relationship.
SATO Tetsuji + SAKAMOTO Yoichi Profile SATO Tetsuji was born in 1981 and graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design, Musashino Art University in 2006. SAKAMOTO Yoichi was born in 1981 and graduated in 2006 from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. In 2008, they completed degrees in Media Images from the Department of New Media, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts. While still students they produced the first version of blank. SATO is currently an assistant in the Department of Visual Communication Design, Musashino Art University. Besides working in an architectural design office, SAKAMOTO is also involved in numerous other creative activities.
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Date: July 19 (Sun.), 2009, 1:00 pm:00 pm [Finished] | >Details |