Mission G "Authagraph: ISS Long Term Tracking"
photo: KIOKU Keizo
NARUKAWA and his co-developers have invented Authagraph, a revolutionary system of notation that can project the spherical surfaces of the space and the world, omnidirectionally, onto rectangles. Use of Authagraph provides an omnidirectional, even-better-than-360°, view of the space and world from any selected point. Authagraph has applications in a wide variety of fields, including education and medicine. In this exhibition, we explain how Authagraph came about and apply it to a map of the Earth, introducing a decentralized view of the world that this notational system makes possible.
The "Authagraph: World Map" corrects the lacks of conventional mapping systems, as exemplified by the Mercator projection. It is the first rectangular map in which shape and size in topography are accurately represented and the seas remain undivided. These maps can be joined together seamlessly, without limit, thereby rendering an omnidirectional world map from any point on the map. Authagraph can also be used to track changes over time, showing us, for example, how the global environment changes over long periods. In "Authagraph: ISS Long Term Tracking," tessellated world maps produced by Authagraph are connected to each other to form 7 x 8 maps on the wall, to show time-based changes. A line will be continuously drawn in real time while the exhibition is open by tracking the orbit of the International Space Station (ISS) as it circles the Earth every 90 minutes.
NARUKAWA Hajime Profile Structural architect, born in 1971. Graduate of the Shibaura Institute of Technology and Tokyo University of the Arts, with a master's degree from the Berlage Institute Amsterdam. In 1994 his "Golden Gai Theater" won the Gold Medal in the Japan Institute of Architects competition for newly graduated architects. In the same year he began his research on geometrical theory. In 1996 his "Tensegrity Modeling Manual" was awarded the Salon de Printemps Prize. He has won numerous other awards, founded NAL in 2006, after working at the Arnhem Academy of Architecture, and Sasaki and Partners, SAPS. Movie production: Beagle, Inc.
ISS Tracking: Beagle, Inc., Dr. T.S. KELSO, CelesTrak
Model: Masuki Co., LTD., Nakagawa Chemical Inc.
Exhibition support: YOKOTA Kazuki, YAMADA Etsuko, OJI Masanori, ONAI Masaya, KITADANI Tetsuya, KADOWAKI Taichi, NOMIYAMA Shinya, KUWASAWA DESIGN SCHOOL Faculty of Space Design
Thanks: KASHIWAI Isana, GoogleSatTrack, Sebatian STOFF, Orbitron
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Collaborators on the R&D of "Authagraph": HIRAI Masaji, KAJIKAWA Yasushi, ICHIKAWA Sota, TAKAYA Akiyuki, ENDO Jiro
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Date: May 16 (Sat.), 2009, 2:00 pm[Finished] | >Details |