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TOKUI Nao Computational Creativity Lab, Keio University

June 25, 2022–January 15, 2023

TOKUI Nao Computational Creativity Lab, Keio University


The CC Lab focuses on new forms of creativity involving artificial intelligence (AI), through practices that approach the matter from the viewpoints of scientific research and creative work alike. The Lab’s explorations of AI as a partner for pursuing alternative answers and ideas, are based on an understanding of AI as a “tool” for expanding human creativity, and at the same time also as a “mirror” that reflects the way human creative processes work. Their artistic endeavors are platforms for the Lab to investigate the diverse effects of AI on social life at large—also beyond the fields of art and music—as well as the significance and essence of the existence of AI itself. Introduced at this exhibition are multiple projects that showcase results of the Lab’s activities since its establishment in 2019. Displays will be exchanged during the exhibition period.

Date: June 25, 2022–January 15, 2023

1st period: June 25–September 11, 2022
2nd period: September 13, 2022–November 13, 2022
3rd period: November 15, 2022–January 15, 2023



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