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Born 1976 in Ishikawa. Active as a DJ/producer, while at once engaging in research into user interfaces and musical expression based on artificial intelligence (AI). He established Qosmo in 2009. Understanding AI as an alternative intelligence that is not based on an emulation of the human being, but on an entirely different logic, he continues to explore the possibilities of expanding human creativity with the help of AI as a partner and intellectual cooperator. An associate professor at Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University.



Exhibitions & Events

Artists’ Talk TOKUI Nao Computational Creativity Lab, Keio University

Artists’ Talk TOKUI Nao x MURAYAMA Goro ‘AI and Art: A Dialogue over Sensitivity and Autonomy’

TOKUI Nao Computational Creativity Lab, Keio University

ICC Annual 2022: Life / Likeness

HIVE 101: Introduction to ICC’s Video Archive

Open Space 2018: in transition

Open Space 2017: Re-envisioning the Future

AI and Art: Things to Come

Over the Last 20 Years / Over the Coming 20 Years and Beyond

“Myself in Twitter” Workshop

TOKUI Nao × TADOKORO Atsushi “Sequel of “Myself in Twitter” Workshop”

Myself in Twitter—Architecture I make that make me one

ICC Kids Program 2010
What Sounds Do We Hear?

Afternoon Concert

Open Salon

Open Space


Concert “live n_ext”

n_ext : New Generation of Media Artists