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WADA Natsumi

WADA Natsumi


Interpreter. Born in 1993. Raised by deaf parents who used sign language as their first language. While studying for University, she was attracted to the possibilities of hand expression. She has been exploring the media possibilities of the senses in collaboration with people of various physical backgrounds. In recent years, she has been working on the card game “Qua|ia” (2018), which explores common senses, “LINKAGE” based on tactile sign language, “Tacchi- machi” (2019)/TABATA Hayato + magnet. She has worked with NAGUMO Mai and KODAMA Hideyuki conducting experiments and workshops to research and express visual body language as Signed. 2016 received qualification as a sign language interpreter. Exhibition include emergencies! 033 “tacit creole” 2017–18 in ICC.



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