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‘an image of’ [2017]

Planning and production: NAGUMO Mai + WADA Natsumi, KAKEHI Yasuaki


“an image of” is a series of experimental videos on the theme of memory and imagination. On display here are three works. In “Play in the Memory,” a married couple face each other and talk about things they used to play when they were children; “2075” imagines aspects of mobility, housing, urban environments and communication of children in Sweden in the future; and finally, “Apple” illustrates the imagination of a man and a woman in their conversation about an apple that isn’t actually there.
The characters appearing in these video engage in conversations based on images created with their hands while mainly using the so-called CL* grammar of sign language. This eventually evokes images also in the minds of those who watch the videos, according to their respective own existing memories.

*CL (Classifier): Basic sign language grammar for expressing shapes, textures, sizes and movements of objects.

Planning and production: NAGUMO Mai + WADA Natsumi, KAKEHI Yasuaki
“Play in the Memory”: SAITO Harumichi, MORIYAMA Manami, MORIYAMA Itsuki
“2075”: Flippa, Viggo, Vilmer, Franck, Mindie, Elias, Noah, Levi, Kaleb, Rebecka
“Apple”: SOTOZONO Takeshi, MINE Akari



List of Works