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“Signed” [2014–]

Planning and production: NAGUMO Mai + WADA Natsumi, KAKEHI Yasuaki



Sign language, a visual language using the body, is full of expressions that originated from the respective speaker’s individual behavior and movements in daily life, and that strongly reflect the culture (and its history) that the person belongs to. In reference to these characteristics of sign language, this project extracts, analyzes and creolizes people’s individual ways of perceiving the world mainly by way of visual bodily expression. By accumulating, classifying and creolizing the gestures of viewers in front of a mirror, this experimental project explores the differences and changes in cogitation and expression between spoken language based on a segmentation of the world through labeling, and visual (body) language that is created on the spot based on personal experience and memory.

Planning and production: NAGUMO Mai + WADA Natsumi, KAKEHI Yasuaki
Technical advisor: KODAMA Hideyuki
Data analyzation: URAKAWA Toru



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