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Chief Curator, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC].
Born in 1968, HATANAKA Minoru graduated from Tama Art University. He joined NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] in 1996, prior to its opening. He has curated such exhibitions at ICC as the group shows “Sound Art - Sound as Media” (2000), “silent dialogue” (2007), “[Internet Art Future]—Reality in Post Internet Era” (2012), and solo shows featuring the work of Dumb Type, Maywa Denki, Laurie ANDERSON, HACHIYA, Rhizomatiks, ISOZAKI Arata, OTOMO Yoshihide, John WOOD and Paul HARRISON.


Exhibitions & Events

Opening Talk

Vol. 3 TOYODA Keisuke x HATANAKA Minoru
“Architecture and city planning for the non-contact era: possibilities of virtual museum”

Continuity and Uncertainty in the Real/Virtual World

Series: Envisioning a Virtual Museum

Vol. 1 SAITO Seiichi x HATANAKA Minoru
“Events’ condition in the non-contact era”

On the possibility of communication in the non-contact era

[Live Streaming only] Open Media Culture: Collaborations, Networks, Exchange

The 3rd International Symposium for Media Art
“Formation of Culture in the Post-Internet Era: Creation, Production and Network” Day1

The 3rd International Symposium for Media Art
“Formation of Culture in the Post-Internet Era: Creation, Production and Network”

Art & Technology for New Society

Artists’ Talk

“RhythmScape” Related Events

In Search of New Visions for the Technological Environment to Come

AI and Art: Things to Come

Over the Last 20 Years / Over the Coming 20 Years and Beyond

Talk “New Styles, New Artists: The Contemporary Trends of Artists”

International Symposium for Media Art ‘Art & Technology’

Farewell event of MIKAMI Seiko ‘RE/membering MIKAMI Seiko’

Closing Talk

Opening Talk 1

Wrap-up Meeting vol.10

Symposium as the Pre-event of “ISOZAKI Arata: SOLARIS”

Discussion ‘[Internet Art Since Then Again]’

Discussion ‘[Internet Art Since Then]’

Internet Reality Study Group Discussion

Artists’ Talk dividual

Artists’ Talk DJ PURIPURI = Kintaro + Live

Discussion: What was “The Second Summmer of Web” ? -- [Internet Art Those days]

Artists’ Talk Parker ITO

Discussion: “Study of ‘Post Internet’ (β)”

Discussion: “Internet Reality in Oekaki Keijiban”

Discussion: “Post Internet”

Artists’ Talk KAWASHIMA Takashi, TANIGUCHI Akihiko

Discussion at the preview of the exhibition “[Internet Art Future]—Reality in Post Internet Era

Artists’ Talk

Series: New ‘Future’ Vol. 4 About Future – Designing Future raster-noton talk & presentation @ ICC

Series: New ‘Future’ Vol. 3 Thinking of Engineering and Art, Toward the Future

Series: New ‘Future’ Vol. 2 Thinking Toward the Future

Gallery Talk

Series: New ‘Future’ Vol.1 Our New Evolution

Series: New ‘Future’

Discussion “What Is ‘Internet Reality’?”

Symposium “The Vision for the Prospective Media and Music”

Symposium “The Definition of Music in Media Art”

Artists’ Talk TOKOLO Asao, IMAI Ken

Open Salon Talk Event The “Evolution” of Social Network

Performance & Artists’ Talk SHIMIZU Jio Talk SHIMIZU Jio X TSUNODA Toshiya X HATANAKA Minoru (ICC)

Artists’ Talk KOGANEZAWA Takehito x HATANAKA Minoru (ICC)

Open Salon Talk Event “Present and Future of Real-time Web”

Open Salon Talk Event “What Is Media Art?”

Open Salon:Pre-events of “Open Space 2010”

Presentation/ Discussion “Architectural Coding”

Symposium “Exploration in Possible Spaces”

ICC × Tokyo University of the Arts × The University of Tokyo Open Salon “What is Media Art?”

Artists’ Talk YAMAGUCHI Takahiro

Artists’ Talk FUJIKI Jun, MUTOH Tsutomu

Artists’ Talk YAGI Lyota×HATANAKA Minoru

Open Salon SUZUKI Elico “Moon over Jungfrau” Live + Talk

ICC 10th Anniversary Session Series Vol.1Special Symposium “The Future of Media × Art” 1

ICC 10th Anniversary Session Series Vol.1 Special Symposium “The Future of Media × Art”

“OpenSky 2.0 HACHIYA Kazuhiko” Guided Tour


Symposium “New Generation of Media Artists”

Artists’ Talk


Phase of Post Music