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Born in 1956. In 1980, completed the masters program in art at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music. FUJIHATA has since the 1980s created numerous works that explore the relationship between art and science using various approaches, and he is gaining attention both in Japan and overseas as a trailblazer in the field of media art. His main artistic works include “Beyond Pages,” and “Field-Works,” and his numerous written works include “Art and Computer,” and “Fukanzen na Genjitsu (Incomplete Reality).”

Principal works:
“MANDARA= 1983” (1983)
“Maitreya” (1984)
“Geometric=Love” (1987)
“Forbidden Fruits” (1990)
“Impressing Velocity” (1994)
“Beyond Pages” (1995–7)
“Global Interior Projects #1, #2, #3” (1995-6)
“Nuzzle Afar” (1998)
“Field-Works” (2000–)



Exhibitions & Events

Special Talk
FUJIHATA Masaki x SEMBO Kensuke (exonemo)
‘Art / Society / Media’

Symposium “Anarchive N°6–MASAKI FUJIHATA”

Open Space 2015

Open Space 2010

ICC × Tokyo University of the Arts × The University of Tokyo Open Salon “What is Media Art?”

Artists’ Talk FUJIHATA Masaki + DOGANE Yuji Guest : ITO Seiko

Silent Dialogue

ICC 10th Anniversary Session Series Vol.1Special Symposium “The Future of Media × Art” 1

ICC 10th Anniversary Session Series Vol.1 Special Symposium “The Future of Media × Art”

Session 1: “Culture and Creation in a Networked Society - Towards Open Communication”

Renewal Opening Symposium “Culture and Creation in a Networked Society”

Open Space

Possible Futures: Japanese postwar art and technology

Artists’ Talk “Meet the artists vol.2”

Art meets Media : adventures in perception

Symposium “Projection of Sense —— Aspects of Cinematic Imaginary”

FUTURE CINEMA - The Cinematic Imaginary after Film


Archives and Representation

Symposium “Linker, 9 and CommunityWare”

Artists Talk “Software as the Culture, Social and Cultural Role of the Software Design”

Symposium “Visual Programming”

Opening Symposium “On Assembling the ‘art.bit collection’”

art.bit collection

Media Park at ICC

session 4 Panel Discussion 1

session 2 “Virtual Reality and Communication”

Future Design Symposia

“NET_CONDITION”/ Barcelona-Graz-Karlsruhe-Tokyo

Concert 03


Artist Talk

Nuzzle Afar

Data Base and Network / Topos, Memory, Information

Opening Events - Symposium -Towards the Museum of the Future-

Event 05

InterCommunication’95 “on the Web -The Museum Inside The Network-”

Event 01

New School’95

FUJIHATA Masaki Open Atelier “Impressing Velocity”

Program Ten: Report of the Mt. Fuji Project

New School’93 ICC Matrix

NTT InterCommunication’92 “Removable Reality”