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“Portray the Silhouette” [2006]



Filmed silhouettes of the artist himself are projected in real size onto the interior wall of the exhibition space. As the projector is installed at about the same position as the light source that originally generated the shadows, it becomes impossible to distinguish between the silhouettes in the projection, and the shadows of visitors standing between the wall and the projector, and thus blocking its light.

Shadows appear whenever there is a light source, a surface (a wall, a floor, etc.), and an object that blocks the light from falling onto the surface. The shadow images in "Portray the Silhouette" appear disconnected from the respective actual object. Nevertheless, they create an impression of the artist actually being present in the exhibition room, which is certainly due to the fact that an actual object has to be there to produce a shadow in the first place. This realistic sensation inspires the visitor to interact with the artist’s shadow, and at the same time, to reflect on the phenomenon of the shadow as a fundamental principle in film and video.



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