Untitled "Untitled" 2004
"Untitled #0809" 2004-08
LEE Jangwon
A huge spherical objet, composed of a number of discarded CD-ROM drives, hangs from the ceiling. The drives are actually connected to a computer, and when the viewer interacts with the computer interface, the trays slide in and out, and the objet moves almost as though it were alive. The viewer's movements are linked to changes in the objet's shape, so that it is sensed visually as a sculptural work with virtual plasticity.
LEE Jangwon Born in 1974, LEE studied sculpture at Seoul National University, then put that experience to work as a media artist, sculptor, and computer engineer. Using both hardware and software, he finds new ways to revive technologies that develop so swiftly and so swiftly fall into obsolescence.