NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] is pleased to hold the "EXTENDED SENSES: Present of Japanese / Korean Media Art" exhibition.

Since the early 1990s, the media art environment has changed dramatically. With the spread of the Internet and faster, smaller computers, what had been leading edge technology has become accessible to the general public. Media art, which had been the exclusive domain of privileged artists, is now a more widely accepted means of artistic expression. Indeed, it is now recognized as having enormous potential for creating a wide range of expression through using a diverse selection of media in many different ways.

This joint exhibition by the ICC and Gallery LOOP and Soongsil University BK21 Digital Media Division, both in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, features up-and-coming artists from Korea and Japan. Its central theme is exploring what is distinctive in the expressive grammar of media art in Korea, Japan, and Asia in general. The exhibition also focuses on differences in approaches to the use of technology in Japan and Korea. Interactive effects as Japanese and Korean artists influence each other through collaborative work linking art centers and through information and social exchanges between educational institutions are also planned.

As the technology on which media art is grounded becomes nearly universal, it is increasingly difficult to discover individuality in the technical aspects of these works of art. This exhibition thus offers the prospect of showcasing the distinctive styles of each of the works.