Paramodelic Graffiti
"Paramodelic Graffiti" 2008
The blue lines covering the walls, floor, and ceiling of the gallery are drawn by a huge number of Plarail® rails. These toy rails, extracted from their primary function, are used as materials for drawing abstract patterns. What the rails, diverging, coming together, and intersecting, describe is what might be called a paradise, a vision of a parallel world - a multilayered, expandable space that also resembles a network diagram for a city of the future.
* Plarail® is a registered trademark of Tomy Company, Ltd.
Paramodel HAYASHI Yasuhiko (a display designer and 2001 graduate of the Conceptual and Media Art Course in the Fine Arts Division of Kyoto City University of Arts) and NAKANO Yusuke (who completed the Nihonga (Japanese-style painting) Course at the same university in 2002) formed an art unit together in 2001. These two artists, working in parallel along their distinct areas of specialization and different ideas, share their core Para-Model concept: poetic models and/or designs of paradise constructed from a wide range of elements from the outer world and from their psyches - a paradox. Making use of the parallax their separate perspectives generate and of their connectedness, they create works in a variety of formats.