Tourist Project
"Tourist Project" 2003
Images of tourist spots throughout the world are projected on a screen made of feathers. Tourists swarm to each spot, then scatter, as though blown away by the breeze coming from behind the screen. Travel is, at its heart, the cultural activity of seeing and hearing other cultures for oneself, but under the guise of the "tourist industry," it has been commercialized. As a result, as this work shows us, the independence of tourists, their initiative in experiencing travel for themselves, is greatly reduced and trivialized.
MIOON KIM Min and CHOE Moon, who were both born in 1972, comprise this two-person media artist. After studying in Seoul, they went to Germany, graduating from the Kunstakademie Duesseldorf and the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne. Since then, they have been active as media artists in both Germany and Korea. They have produced joint work since 2001.