"mosu" 2008
UMEDA Tetsuya
Altering fans, televisions, and other everyday appliances, converting their functions into something utterly different, UMEDA creates objets freed from their original meanings. His works, created to suit the spaces in which they will be installed, use utterly familiar, commonplace phenomena, channeled through his clever handiness and unique spatial sensibility, to create mysterious, seemingly impossible sensations. They thereby free one from rigid perceptions constrained by preconceived ideas.
UMEDA Tetsuya UMEDA, who was born in 1980, works in performances and installations, mainly at live events, focusing on sound and space. He has participated in music festivals such as "Festival Beyond Innocence" (2002-7, Osaka) and "Install" (2006, Scotland) and in a variety of exhibitions and events, including "Sound Art Lab" (2005, Osaka), "The Listening Project" (2006, London), "Waitool Sounds" (2007, San Francisco), "Sound Effects Seoul" (2007, Seoul), and "Blurrr" (2007, Tel Aviv).