The Portrait in a Mirror
"The Portrait in a Mirror" 2008
KIM Dongho, YIM Sungyul, KANG Kyung-Kyu
Through analysis by a video camera and image sensor, the image of the visitor is displayed on a mirror-type LCD monitor. The style of the image that appears is determined by the distance between the work and the visitor. As the visitor approaches, his image changes from an ordinary mirror image to something like a painting. This work explores a new approach to portraiture in the digital age.
KIM Dongho, YIM Sungyul, KANG Kyung-Kyu Kim Dongho was born in 1968. After working as a researcher in a corporation, he became an assistant professor in the Faculty of Media, Soongsil University. YIM Sungyul was born in 1974. He studied sculpture and is currently in a doctoral program in media art at Soongsil University. KANG Kyung-Kyu was born in 1979 and has been a researcher in the Soongsil University BK21 Digital Media Division since 2005.