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ICC Kids Program 2017
OTO NO BA: Sound-digging with the senses

July 15–August 31, 2017


We can not only hear sound, but we can see it, feel its vibration, perceive it accompanied by smell, or sense the dimensions of space or distance through sound.

That is because the information we obtain when we hear sound is not only defined through our ears, but it is comprehensively shaped also through other senses, along with our own past experiences, the environment in which we hear the respective sound, and various other factors.

For example, when beating a tambourine, one can see the cymbals in its frame shake, and the hand that holds the tambourine feels the vibration. When it starts raining, we perceive the rain together with the sound it makes, and we sometimes even smell it. The sound of shouting in a gymnasium or other large space can make us feel that space’s dimensions.

On display at this year’s ICC Kids Program are works involving sound that is not only perceived with the ears, but with various other senses, or even with the whole of the body. The experience of these works will surely change something in the way you listen to—or look at—sounds around you in daily life.

Date: July 15–August 31, 2017
Venue: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] Gallery A
Hours: 11:00pm–6:00pm
Closed: Mondays (If Monday is a holiday, then Tuesday), Maintenance day (8/6)
Admission free

Organizer: NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]
Under the auspices of Shibuya City Board of Education, Shinjuku City Board of Education, Nakano Board of Education, Bunkyo City Board of Education




Born 1984. Musical interface researcher, Doctor of Philosophy in Kansei Science. Having previously worked as a toy planner and assistant at an art university, he is currently a researcher at the Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University, where he focuses on the research, development and presentation of musical instruments that can be enjoyed together by hearing-impaired and hearing persons. His creative work revolves around musical instruments based on the idea of enjoying music both acoustically and visually, such as in the “Vibracion Cajon.” Based on the cajon, a Spanish percussion instrument, this is an instrument that allows performers to share the sounds they play with others in the form of vibration.


Born 1980. Worked as an assistant for Maywa Denki, before graduating from the Design Products Department at the Royal Collage of Art (RCA). As a student under Durrell BISHOP, he has been exploring the design of how sound and music affect humans. Presently based in London, he now works as a freelancer focusing mainly on contents design for events and workshops, while at once continuing his activities as a theremin player.

Perfumery Organ Project

This project was initiated with the aim to build a fragrance organ. Members come from TASKO inc., established around a core of specialists in stage production, mechanical engineering, design and management; Invisible Designs Lab., a creative team dedicated to sound and music; Yamamoto Seisakusho, a device producer specializing in steel construction, the development and repair of sports tools, and the development of high performance double pendulums and original music controllers; and YOSHITAKE Toshifumi, head of the Perfume Design Laboratory and producer of all kinds of fragrances.


Photo: Mao Yamamoto

Born 1987. Artist/musician. Rebuilds old electric appliances into electronic musical instruments, and creates and exhibits works of art and music performed by new and unique methods. Has been a founding member of the Open Reel Ensemble, a musical group “performing on” open-reel tape recorders since 2009, while also playing in the Braun Tube Jazz Band that uses Braun tube TV sets like percussion instruments. Participated in numerous exhibitions and performances in Japan and abroad. In 2015, he launched “Electronicos Fantasticos!,” a project dedicated to the revival of disused electric appliances in the form of musical instruments that are eventually to be played in concert at festivals involving a variety of other people. Has been in charge of music for a total of eleven ISSEY MIYAKE Paris collection shows to date.

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