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Re-inventing the Wheel project
Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS]

May 23, 2015–March 6, 2016


This project is an attempt to reinterpret history through practical work, and ultimately create an alternative "here and now" that might have been. With "media archaeology," which aims to deepen understanding of current new media by reviewing past ones that have been sorted out, as a foothold, the project investigates into the formation process of various audiovisual and other media, while focusing on their potentials prior to the fixation of roles and functions within historical contexts.
In the technical/social environments after the emergence of the "personal fabrication" as a tidal current of individually-centered manufacture incorporating computers and networks, methods of applying such understanding to artistic work are supposed to serve as basic techniques for the creation of a variety of artworks.
Like the role and function of the vinyl record as a classical acoustic medium, for example, are reconsidered through several works made using the technique of carving computer-drawn undulations as grooves into their surfaces, the project "re-invents" the potentials of media that got little exposure in the mass media.
Exhibited here are concrete works showcasing such techniques, along with related materials. Displays will be changed several times during the exhibition period, and project members and guests will occasionally introduce the subject matter of their studies to the public.


#2 [Date: May 23–November 1, 2015]

#3 [Date: May 23, 2015–January 11, 2016 ]

#5 [Date: November 3, 2015–February 28, 2016]


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