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Web Project “Myself in Twitter—Architecture I make that make me one”

February 3–March 31, 2011

Web Project “Myself in Twitter—Architecture I make that make me one”


“Architecture” is synonymous with words like “building” and “structure,” but in the field of information society studies it has another meaning: it is understood as some kind of design or structure found in society that affects the way people behave. In web services, every mechanic and interface constituting a particular service is the architecture that regulates and modifies the users’ actions within that service. For instance, Twitter posts have a distinct style which is different from other forms of texts such as blog posts or E-mail messages. Perhaps this style is brought about by the architecture of Twitter, the most prominent being the 140-character limit and the system where each user has his/her unique time-line.
The web project “Myself in Twitter - Architecture I make that make me one” explores how architecture influences us and in what way we can respond to it. To study architecture, we chose to analyze Twitter, which is increasingly expanding its user base today. Artists and Researchers were invited to join this project in study sessions and workshops -- to dig into the theme by thinking and conducting hands-on experiments.


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