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Exhibitions & Events

“Handmade Movement” Virtual Public Viewing

Artists’ Talk TOKISATO Mitsuru

Artists-in-Residence Online

ICC Annual 2023: Shapes of Things

Performance by SHOJIKI + USUI Tatsuya

Performance by SHOJIKI + USUI Tatsuya

​ICC Kids Program 2021: Tune up and Chime in

Hyper Octopus Recording

The Museum in the Multi-layered World

Table Tennis Dancers Performance

Workshop by Aokid, FUKUTOME Mari, TOKISATO Mitsuru

ICC Kids Program 2019: Sports Laboratory

TOKISATO Mitsuru + Aokid ‘Counting Appearances - Live First Lesson Performance’

ICC Kids Program 2016
Media Art as an Awareness Filter

Artists’ Talk TOKISATO Mitsuru (emergencies! 022)

emergencies! 022
TOKISATO Mitsuru ‘Viewpoint Unit’

Open Space 2014