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‘Viewpoint Unit’ [2014]


‘Viewpoint Unit’


When watching video footage, the images alone normally don’t tell us anything about the camera positions and conditions under which they were filmed. The works introduced here were realized using filming tools made by attaching such measuring instruments as a goniometer or measuring tape to a video camera. With the measuring tools themselves virtually immobile, here the conditions of the camera that are normally excluded from the filmed footage are displayed in the form of numerical values.

One of the videos was made using a box and a pulley block. When lifting and thereby tilting the box by pulling on a rope suspended from the ceiling, a goniometer installed inside the box measures the angle of tilting. In the video, only the goniometer’s needle is seen as it moves according to the box’s changing angle.

The other work features again a box, this time moving back and forth on a rail. Here a measuring tape has been attached to the box, and this tape is the only part that is shown in the video, moving up and down as it measures the distance the box slides back and forth.

As the device used in each of these works is a black box, only the measured values eventually appear in the videos, indicating the cause-effect relationship between physical movement and numerical values. The exhibition also includes two types of videos made as experiments for the actual works, one showing objects being measured as they are captured by the camera, the other only measured values of objects that aren’t actually shown in the videos.



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