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Artist duo of SEMBO Kensuke and AKAIWA Yae, formed in 1996. While flexibly crisscrossing the realms of digital and analogue, real and network environments, they expose the relationships between technologies and users, implementing various experimental projects in which they create works that reflect the impact of digital media on contemporary society by humorous approaches and innovative perspectives. They have been organizing IDPW and the “Internet Yami-Ichi” since 2012, and operate from their new base in New York since 2015.



Exhibitions & Events

Open Space 2018: in transition

Open Space 2016: Media Conscious

Discussion ‘[Internet Art Since Then Again]’

Internet Reality Study Group Discussion

Artists’ Talk exonemo + Discussion

[Internet Art Future]—Reality in Post Internet Era

Discussion “What Is ‘Internet Reality’?”

Internet Reality Study Group

Vibrations of Entities

Exploration in Possible Spaces

Open Space 2009

Vol. 3: exonemo × Dominique CHEN “Defining the Reality of the Virtual Space”

ICC Metaverse Project: Metaverse Study Sessions 1st Season

Open Space 2007

Talk “Meet the artists vol.2”

Connecting Worlds

Session 2: “Open Creation” Part 2: “The Future of Creation - Beyond Media Art”

Renewal Opening Symposium “Culture and Creation in a Networked Society”

Open Space


Work-in-progress Installation/Forum:“commons | tales | rules -KOP(kingdom of piracy) R&D” Workshop “PLAY THE RULES”

Reactivity: unpredictable past


Concert “live n_ext”

n_ext : New Generation of Media Artists

Symposium “art_bit_culture”

art.bit collection