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“Body Paint - 46inch/Male/White” [2015]


“Body Paint - 46inch/Male/White”


Shown on the liquid crystal display of “Body Paint - 46inch/Male/White” (2015) are video images of a real human body painted all white, while the screen itself is painted white as well around the human figure as if framing it. The work looks half like a video and half like a painting, and at the same time also like a relief with visuals partly jumping out from the screen, which may give the viewer the illusion of looking at a real, physical human body.

This figure that apparently integrated with the screen seems to be embodying the contemporary human being in today’s media environment—always carrying a smartphone and permanently connected to the Internet. Juxtaposing three elements—painting, human body and display (as an information-processing device)—while contrasting such different-natured elements as real and digitalized human bodies, video and painting within a single work, the piece discusses the various media and their respective life-spans that define our current living environment.

“Heavy Body Paint” (2016) depicts paint bottles in the same way, challenging the viewer’s perception just like the other work. Although this time there is no human figure appearing, the shaky video filmed with a hand-held camera suggests the presence of the human being behind the camera, while at once encouraging the viewer to reflect on “the act of watching.”



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