photo: KIOKU Keizo
This work appears like a battle game in which two players fight face-to-face. However, they cannot see the screen of the opponent because the upright screens of the two players are placed back-to-back in the center. Each player participates in the game by watching the screen on his side only. Only apparently, communication is established between the two players enjoying a common game.
You can enjoy this work by playing a one-on-one battle game between you and your opponent. In fact, however, the two players do not engage in the same game, but play different games based on a shared program. For example, while one player attempts to land the lander on the moon, the other is moving the cupid to shoot through the heart with his arrow. In one-on-one conversation, people often speak about different subjects although they think they are talking about the same topic. This work expresses these gaps in communication in the form of a game. In the reaction of the two players, you may recognize the strangeness of context you feel during such communication.
KUWAKUBO Ryota has created works mainly using electronics since 1998. His works appear to be gadgets but focus on the phenomena that occur on the borderline between digital and analog, human and machine, and information sender and information recipient.
A game can be established only when players share certain rules as assumptions. Not only recreational games but also daily conversations are conducted based on certain rules in a community, and it can be said that we are always playing a game. The artist tries to raise awareness of the essential issue in communication with others in the friendly form of a game.