A variety of networks, such as the internet, have impacted our lives. This zone exhibits work that is inspired by network technology and technology that encourages new ways of communication and new creative expressions. When one can communicate with multiple other people who are far away and when many distant people are interconnected on a network, what kinds of new possibilities are created? This zone explores this question through the exhibition of works that utilize networks and two-way high definition technology.
Exhibiting Works
"Sharelog" graphically displays abstract trajectories of viewers' train usage history as they place their IC travel card, such as Suica or PASMO, over the terminal. They can enjoy looking back at their past activities or guessing the activities of their friends who experience this work together. This work produces a different display depending on the daily activities of the participants. "Sharelog" can also be said to be a new-age work of "Public Art" since it is based on the use of the everyday IC card.
"info-sea-Flowers on goo"
ITO Mariko
"info-sea-Flowers" is poetic software that delivers e-mail massages after converting them into flower graphics. It compares the communication of feelings that cannot be expressed in words only, or communication unrestricted by the meaning or content of the words, to the act of "sending flowers." The software on this show converts the latest search keywords entered at the portal site "goo" into flower graphics. Words typed in by various people over the Internet bloom inside the ICC premises and are presented to visitors who happen to stop by ICC.
ISHII Hiroshi
MIT Tangible Media Group
"inTouch" is a medium that enables users, who are separated from each other by distance, to communicate through touch. Specifically, force-feedback technology is employed to makes the users feel as if they are operating a shared physical object. This research project embodies the concept of expanding targets of info-communication research from sound, text, and computer graphics to "tangible information," and has inspired many researchers, designers, and businesspersons since it was unveiled in 1997.
"Now Online: Real Time Video Streaming"
This is a net project with two-way connection established between cultural facilities, research institutes, and festival sites to launch multipoint information streaming and joint events. Usually, a high-resolution overhead view of the entrance or gallery space of each facility is transmitted in order to share the spaces at remote locations in real time. When an artist's talk or performance event takes place, cameras are installed at the venue for real time video streaming of the event. It is possible to receive questions from the satellite sites connected via the network.