"Optical Trajectory 2"
MUTOH Tsutomu
photo: KIOKU Keizo
Consisting of multiple light-emitting spheres, which have a self-standing structure and are weighted at the bottom like an "Okiagari Koboshi," or a daruma doll so as to right themselves when knocked over, and the trace of their light projected on the walls and the floor, "Optical Trajectory 2" enables viewers to touch the "movement of the colors." People can experience the "materiality of movement" as the "materiality of color movement" in space, as movements triggered by touch are synchronized with consequential changes in color. If you tilt the object, the luminosity gradually increases and the sphere becomes brighter. When you turn a sphere as if drawing an arc, as the hue of the light changes so does the color pattern on the wall.
MUTOH Tsutomu has developed expressions that cross the border between computing and graphics, to explore new realms of expression by connecting conventional physical media and electronic media. He pursues possibilities of dynamic color representation, trying to develop the environment in which artist and designer can use colors with electronic media without feeling uncomfortable.

*This work has been developed with the support of the "Foundation of technology supporting the creation of digital media contents," a research area of Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology, provided by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).