"Dreaming of Inscriptions on Skin"
"Parasites, Influences and TRansformations 2 / Parasitic Electronic Seance IV"
"Undirected / Entbildung"
"Frozen Water"
"Tokyo Circle"
"Matrix (for an anechoic room)
"Finding of a State of Light: Distribution of Luminous Intensity and Its Fluctuation"
"Monitor Unit for Solid Vibration"
"Placed or Replaced"
"Topophony of the Text"
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Jan.28 (Friday) - Mar.12 (Sunday), 2000 [Finished]


"Tokyo Circler"
Marc Behrens

Marc BEHRENS was born in 1970, making him the youngest of our participating artists. But in addition to his sound installations he has already released a number of solo CD albums and contributed pieces to many compilation CDs. Most of these pieces are delicate and beautiful works edited, processed, and finely woven together on hard disc from sound materials recorded and collected in the field. They are virtual spaces which provide more concrete and visual experiences of concrete and real sounds (which nonetheless seem somehow abstract). His contribution to this exhibition, entitled <Tokyo Circle> is an installation which attempts to realize these aural experiences through media technology. Sensors follow viewer movements and soundscapes are played which trace their trajectories. It uses a sound file linked to the symbolic metaphor of the circle to create a sense of deja entendu."

As an example of visual experiences mediated by sound one might imagine taking a trip somewhere and, rather than recording the experience with a camera or a video, using only audio recording. Listening to the sounds afterwards memories of scenes and activities come back much more vividly than they do with photographs or videos. The sound artist Bernhard G殤ter, whose label "trente oiseaux" released Behrens' original CD, is known as an artists who uses real sounds with extraordinary evocative power at extremely low volume to give his compositions a stronger magnetic energy. Listening to the almost inaudible, subtle sounds of Behrens' and G殤ter's compositions there is no mistaking them for ambient music. What they are after is the strengthening and heightening of perception and consciousness that comes from fine tuning one's sense of hearing in order to better hear and enter into the sound.

(HATANAKA Minoru / Assistant Curator, ICC)