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Jan.28 (Friday)
Jan.29 (Saturday)
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Feb.6 (Sunday)
Feb.11 (Friday)
Special Events : "Phase of Post Music"

Jan.28 (Friday) - Mar.12 (Sunday), 2000 [Finished]


Sound has already become one of the intrinsic elements of media art. As would be expected from the term "multimedia," media art appeals to the viewer through a multiplicity of dimensions including not only sight but also sound and touch, and in the limelight recently have been a number of works which employ the formerly passive sense of sound as an important material.

This exhibition focuses on artists who use sensors and images as forms of expression, but even more consciously emphasize sound. Their works incorporate natural sounds, electronic sounds, voices, self-designed instruments, and even the noise emitted by electronic instruments and the almost imperceptible sounds produced by physical phenomena, allowing us to perceive what is usually no more than background noise as a strange and wonderful aural experience.

Works by nine individual artists and two pairs of artists exploiting the medium of sound will be featured in this exhibition, which will move beyond the usual exhibit space to encompass sound-free rooms and the outside space to present the myriad facets of sound.