"Dreaming of Inscriptions on Skin"
"Parasites, Influences and TRansformations 2 / Parasitic Electronic Seance IV"
"Undirected / Entbildung"
"Frozen Water"
"Tokyo Circle"
"Matrix (for an anechoic room)
"Finding of a State of Light: Distribution of Luminous Intensity and Its Fluctuation"
"Monitor Unit for Solid Vibration"
"Placed or Replaced"
"Topophony of the Text"
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Jan.28 (Friday) - Mar.12 (Sunday), 2000 [Finished]


"Parasites, Influences and Transformations 2 / Parasitic Electronic Seance IV"
Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Peter Hagdahl

Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Peter Hagdahl's contribution is an even more mysterious evocation of the "spirituality" of sound. As the title, <Parasites>, Influences, and Transformations 2/Parasitic Electronic Seance IV suggests, this work is conceived as a seance that calls up spirits through electrical wires, electrical devices, the internet, and the presence of light and viewers. In this work the transformations of sound and image and the projection of messages are all the work of the ghosts of electricity and sound.

In the past, Hausswolff has created comically cruel projects that observe viewers reactions to physical stimulation and psychological disturbances through sound. For example, in his 1997 contribution to Documenta X he built a garden fence out of live electric wire connected to a power source in a building overlooking the garden. Viewers who touched the fence received a shock and suddenly pulled their hands away or bent backward. The sound of gunshots was broadcast periodically in the space to make the people in the garden reacting to the electric shocks look as if they were being shot. The whole scene was visible from the building in which the power source was installed so that other viewers could watch the goings on like a play. Together with Swedish sound artist Lief Elggren, Hausswolff founded the imaginary country of ELGRAND - VARGALAND, and has also worked on projects to collect the voices of the dead and of alien life forms which are said to exist outside the range of human hearing. But none of these activities can be dismissed as a joke. In fact very little is known about the influence of sound on the human spirit. When we enter the seance in this work and see the sounds and images in the exhibit transform themselves in response, as long as we are unable to sense events that may actually be occurring outside the range of our perception, who can say that these are not the doings of ghosts?

(HATANAKA Minoru / Assistant Curator, ICC)