"Dreaming of Inscriptions on Skin"
"Parasites, Influences and TRansformations 2 / Parasitic Electronic Seance IV"
"Undirected / Entbildung"
"Frozen Water"
"Tokyo Circle"
"Matrix (for an anechoic room)
"Finding of a State of Light: Distribution of Luminous Intensity and Its Fluctuation"
"Monitor Unit for Solid Vibration"
"Placed or Replaced"
"Topophony of the Text"
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Jan.28 (Friday) - Mar.12 (Sunday), 2000 [Finished]


"Dreaming of Inscriptions on Skin"
Max Eastray & David Toop

"Spirituality is among the things awakened within us through sound. It is found, for example, not in the compositional elements such as melody or harmony of Western music, but in the non-musical animism mediated by natural phenomena such as wind or waves. Max Eastley, the most senior of the artists contributing to this exhibition, creates kinetic sound machines that run either on the natural power of wind or water or by motor. He met his current collaborator David Toop in the early 1970s. Toop has been active in the fields of improvisational and experimental music and engaged in research and critical writing on ethnologically oriented field work and music ranging from the experimental to the popular. Their record collaborations date back to the LP "New and Rediscovered Musical Instruments," released from Brian Eno's "Obscure" label in 1975.

The installation they have created for this exhibition is a combination of Eastley's sound machines and Toop's recitation, ambient sound, and video projection. The two do performances together with the installation, but by creating a "maps of sound" as performance in Toop's terms, they are trying to create a kind of mysterious imaginative landscape through sound, a narrative that takes form within our emotions through the unvisualizable phenomenon of sound. When the delicate micromotions woven out of the highly minimal movements of Eastley's whirling sound machine evoke further images and beckon us into that narrative we are likely to find animistic emotions awakened somewhere inside our memory. The kind of vision evident in titles of Eastley's work such as "NIGHT SPIRITS" is overflowing with a spiritual inspiration that throws the obscure lineaments of invisible sound into visible relief.

(HATANAKA Minoru / Assistant Curator, ICC)