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Jan.28 (Friday) - Mar.12 (Sunday), 2000 [Finished]


"Frozen Water"
Carsten Nicolai

In our daily environment there are all kind of sounds which ordinarily escape our notice. If we were to list them up there are a great variety of sound samples of this kind, such as the ringers of mobile telephones. Carsten Nicolai works as a musician under the name of "noto" and the label he started, called "noton," has been hailed as a label "for sound and not-sound". "Not-sound" probably refers to the kinds of quotidian sounds mentioned above. In his 1997 DocumentaX project <spin> he snuck a simple sine-wave 45-second loop consisting of 72 sound sources including the sounds of telephones, faxes, radios, people talking, and simple sine waves into all kinds of daily spaces in the city of Kassel including the airport for 100 days. In the "Empty Garden" exhibition held in 1999 at the Watari-um Museum of contemporary art, he created the <inside/out> project, in which visitors listened to his sounds as they walked the route to a designated place. For Nicolai, sneaking sounds into daily spaces is a way to encourage intercourse between spaces and people. Something penetrates into the interior of the self from the outside world through sounds. In <Frozen Water,> low-pitched speakers are positioned in front of a Flask filled with water and emit barely audible low sine waves which produce wave patterns on the surface. When the frequency of one of the speakers is changed the resulting interaction brings the waves to a stop. Viewers may not be able to clearly hear the sound of the sine waves, but in the wave patterns on the water and the reflections they produce, they may feel something crystallize inside them. At that moment, a common vibration may well be set up among them.

(HATANAKA Minoru / Assistant Curator, ICC)